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November 03, 2004

Impeachment proceedings begin when?

All accountability now rests with Bush and his party. Everything that's been swept under the carpet until after the election will come creeping out. And the best use of all the resources of people, brains, money, and coordination that's been built this year, in addition to developing a stronger base of ideas, is to find ways to hold Bush, DeLay et. al. absolutely accountable for their choices. I really believe that this will be like Nixon's second term, and thus the seeds of a bigger long-term change than could have occurred just by Kerry winning the election.

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I am still in shock over the election. While waiting to vote, I talked to several people, who seemed sane and certainly not IQ impaired, who still believed that Sadaam Hussein was involved with 9/11. How can this be? Are distractions that great that people do not know what is going on in the country? Of course the media certainly did not scream out the truth about 9/11 and the Iraq war, which is responsible for so many deaths, as loudly as they did the Clinton scandal, which was resposible for none. Will there be a call for impeachment?--hardly. The Democrats will not be as determined to make Bush accountable for his illegal war as the Republicans were to "get" clinton for a non-political discretion. Perhaps the Dems shpuld learn how to fight dirty just like the so-called religious right who talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. The actions taken against Clinton were so overwhelming that I was surprised that he had anything left with which to run the country. All of the distraction caused by the republicans during that time could have allowed a catastrophe to happen while they tied up the leader of out country in battle after battle. Yet, Clinton still had the ability to keep his focus on our nation, while king George was asleep at the wheel until 3000 people had to die to wake him up.I am terrified at the prospect of another 4 years of incompetent if any type of leadership.

Posted by: cynthiaward | Nov 7, 2004 3:39:30 AM

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